Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Suspiria: Best Set Design Ever!

I recently watched Dario Argento's, Suspiria (1977) and I think it has become a new favourite film of mine, mainly because of the amazing set design. Everything is so pink! The girliest horror film ever! I've never seen anything so perfect in all my life. 


  1. I tried to watch this movie a couple of months ago, but I got to scared of it! (I find horror movies very difficult to watch, hah!) This post makes me really really want to try again though O_O

    1. I would definitely recommend that you try watching it again just because of how nice it looks! I promise it isn't all that scary and hopefully the unrealistic fake blood will reassure you that you don't have to be scared. Good luck!!! xXx

  2. Oh my WOW! I have never seen this but i think I must, it looks AMAZING. Art Nouveau Kitsch. xx