Tuesday, 18 October 2011

1940s Weekend

On Sunday me and my family went to a 1940s theme weekend in Pickering, where everybody dresses up and generally just pretend to have gone back in time. I was most excited for the dressing up and spent quite a long time finding the pieces for my outfit. Although, I must say I'm not sure if pretending to be in the war is for me and I found the whole concept a bit strange.

There were some nice old fashioned cars and stalls to buy vintage pieces from. My Mum bought me the blue heart brooch on my lapel, which I spotted on a stall there. You may notice my eyes are shut on this photograph, I seem to be very good at doing that! Also, I look and feel like a teddy bear in this jacket!

The dress has caused me quite a bit of hassle! It is my first proper piece of vintage clothing and is from the 1970s but is in a 1940s style. I spent hours scouring Etsy for the perfect dress for this day and I fell in love with this one but when I hand washed it, the beautiful lace collar ripped off. It was like tissue paper! I had to replace the collar with a detachable one. My Mum also had to shorten the length for me, which was a task I had no energy to do myself. Vintage clothes are hard work!

I was ready to go home at this point, there were so many people there and not to mention fake bombs going off. It's a good job I wasn't alive during the war because I would have cried all of the time! I don't think I'm cut out for the whole time warp thing!

The best part of the day was Sunday lunch and also all of the amazing dogs that were there. This greyhound was on his own so I dared take a photo. I later saw him with his owner, a weird man with onions round his neck... poor dog! There were lots of other greyhounds, which are my favourite type of dogs and some other really big dogs! One lady had her dog in an old fashioned pram, I wish I got a photo! 

Fur Jacket - H&M, Dress - Etsy, Collar - Topshop, 1940s Crochet Gloves - Etsy, Flower Hair Piece - Rose & Co, Sunglasses - Topshop, Shoes - Primark, Bag - My Grandmother's.


  1. I love your look, and that dog is too cute! ^^

  2. Thank you :) and thanks for being my first follower!!!

  3. Lovee your blog! just followed :)
    you dress so lovely :) xx


  4. Gorgeous look! Hah, although I love vintage fashion, I don't think I'd like living in the past too much either! I would probably be crying all the time as well!

  5. Your outfit is amazing, you look great!

  6. absolutely in LOVE. with you and your dress. gah!

    found the route